Our mission is to make fencing fun and accessible to everyone willing to learn.

We pursue this goal by lowering the cost of entry into fencing through affordable lessons and equiment. 

We teach using a core curriculum combined with personalized instruction to ensure that students are able to learn fencing in an engaging way. Students each have different body types and unique personalities, meaning what works for one may not work for another; at S-class Fencing, we value those differences and aim to teach students what they wish to learn in a method that interests them. This often involves real-life comparrisons to subjects they care about, from video games and computer science to anime and art. 



We believe that if you really understand a subject, you should be able to explain it simply. That's why we've prepared a core curriculum for our students that can be accessed via our mobile app or Google Docs, so students can study the sport wherever and whenever. You can also find some of our free teachings on the S-class YouTube page.