S-Class Fencing

Our mission is to make fencing fun and accessible to everyone willing to learn.

For the Love of the Game

Teaching Methods

Active Learning

Students learn when they're having fun, and they have fun when they're learning. S-class students are encouraged to actively learn via the Socratic method, allowing them to draw tactical conclusions from theory-based games. 

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Core Curriculum

We believe in 'Economy of Motion." Every movement has a cost and a benefit. As such, there are no 'bad' moves in fencing. In order for a move to be 'good,' it must be used in the correct context. Our core curriculum is designed to explain the purpose of every action and tactic that we teach so that our students have the freedom to create their own style. If you'd like to learn these elements, we invite you to watch our tutorials (linked below). 

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Tech-Focussed Approach

In a sport where technology has not progressed since the 1980s, we believe the future is wireless, data-driven, and open-sourced. Register below for beta testing of the S-class Mobile App.

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